The most common question we are asked at bridal expos and in meetings with couples is “When should we book you?” and the answer is simple; as soon as you know we’re the right photographers for you. This goes for any vendors you’re considering when a specific person (ie a Photographer or DJ) is what drew you to that vendor.

We list our bookings here so that you can see right away if we’re available for your date. 

Dates we’re unavailable for in 2023

November 19*, 23, 25, 26

December 2, 10, 24-26, 30

Dates we’re unavailable for in 2024

January 6*, 7*
February 23*
March 23, 24
April 6, 13, 27
May 24, 25
June 1, 2
July 13
August 10
September 6, 7, 8, 9, 21

Dates marked with a * are bridal shows we’re exhibiting at! Contact us if you’d like to attend a show and meet in person!