Associate Photographer – Curt Miller

Curt began apprenticing with us in November 2022 after contacting us on Facebook to see if we’d consider teaching him our methodology. After meeting with him, Rob quickly recognized his likeability, professionalism, and talent. He knew that Curt had the makings of a great photographer. He already had an impressive portfolio and wanted to learn more about the most difficult and demanding type of photography (outside of combat photography of course); weddings! Some examples of Curt’s work with us are below. If you’re interested in adding Curt as an associate photographer to either a 1-photographer package (Rob is the primary, Curt would be second camera) or a 2-photographer (Heather & Rob as primaries, with Curt as an associate shooter), let us know! 

Curt will be accompanying Rob on several weddings in 2023 and we’re really looking forward to seeing what this talented young man produces!